Saturday, July 30, 2011


Excited is probably the right word to describe my feelings about Camp NaNoWriMo. I'm rather scared, since I've never ever written something longer than a short story. My Inner Editor is bitchy and I didn't even start yet.
At first, I thought that Camp NaNo will be like, a real camp. Seeing as I live in Indonesia and we have less than a month of Summer Vacation, doing it sounded impossible.
It took me at least 4 months to know that it's not a literal camp.
I know. I feel stupid.
So I put my newest 3 protagonists to work (I've been itching to make them do something) and brainstormed.
Life decided to be kind and gave me the plot a couple of days before Camp NaNo starts.

I am naming it "Giving Life a Second Chance."
16 years old Alyssa accidentally crashed into Keith, a grumpy antisocial, and things would've been better if she didn't crash into him with a truck. Feeling guilty, she offered help, which Keith grudgingly accepted. With his Achromatopsia, he was as good as blind.
But then Alyssa's parents left to visit her aunt, and her friends deserted her, and someone sent her a wilted daisy and a note. Written on the small piece of paper was the name of street.
Now Alyssa kept on encountering more of the clues Someone left, and Keith had to accept the fact that he's in this, too. Another girl who went by the name Lovina joined them and they were sent into a game of Treasure Hunt.
Despite their vast differences, the trio could agree that things would be much better if they didn't have to encounter dead animals along the way.

Candide made it clear that to finish the game, Alyssa must learn her lesson. But the thing is, she can't understand it.

Different synopsis for different sites? Oh well.
My CampNaNoWriMo account Egress

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