Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Proving I am very capable of arranging this thing called Priorities, I am making my first visual during exams-infested month: April!!
It's a good thing I didn't enter ScriptFrenzy.

Generally, it's a story about amnesia, depression, and starting anew. The story's narration is in first person, mainly consisting of scene jumps to reveal the plot. There are roughly 3 planes the character (Lucas) will appear on, talking with some unknown persons-- the past, present, and his mind. His past will be revealed, although how much depends on your choices. You have 2 general choices in 3 menus. There should be 6 endings: 2 "good", 2 "neutral", and 2 "bad."

Anyways, I've got the main kinks like main menu worked out, and so far it looks like this:

Monday, March 12, 2012

An Uh Post + Hourglass

Laugh, because I accidentally posted my passwords for nearly all accounts. I can't seem to find a delete post button so here I am, looking like an idiot.

Anyways, I'm going to make this post a bit more than showing off my stupidity. At least not only in one way-- but two! Delicious, there.

I'm currently swamped with irl stuffs like exams and all kinds of shit that should not exist, but I've got a side-project: Hourglass. It's a kinetic novel about a girl who wants to be who she was. It's far from done, since I'm real bad with Ren'Py, but I'll get on it. It doesn't help that I keep having to redraw because it doesn't fit/doesn't meet my standards.

So yeah, it'll take a loong time.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time's Boy

Proxane, or Xane, should really stop getting herself into trouble. It's hard to fish her out. Especially when she got herself a free ticket to a trip around the universe. She should learn to doubt people when they introduced themselves as Timaeus.
Or she should just get off that adrenaline addiction.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I've been wanting to start up something for Screnzy. I wanted it to be drug-related, something with darker themes and the characters slowly climbing up, but it was too dark for me to really advance. Well, it wasn't that dark, but I was never a fan of no action drama only.

So I made them gangs.

So far I've got the characters down, along with gist of the story. I know that the two leaders are brothers separated, the ending will be shit, and the middle nothing. I have no idea what to put.
Sad, sad.

But here's the characters. I'm writing only the ones I've got clear ideas of, though.

A gifted computer geek, leader of BYE. While he's really good at hacking and computers, Ivan really lacks in the physical department. Raised by his mother-- his father left the house with his brother when he was 7. Currently living in a dorm with a Health Sciences major, Nikolas.
Computer Science

Karl (Soral)
Soral knows plenty about hacking from experience, although he is much more social than Ivan. Used to steal. His gifts laid in his strong memory and understanding of music. Soral plays the piano, and is trying to learn violin. Right now he lives with Rael, Leah, and Falk.
Music Management and Merchandising

Anorexic and drug abusing, Claire is a Linguistic-major who somehow got involved with BYE. She is from a wealthy family with wonderful parents but due to circumstances she temporarily cut off connection with the reason, "she needs some alone time."

While he loves the adrenaline rush in a fight, Alton is actually a Criminology-major. He sort of breaks the law with the street violence, but like someone with a double personality, he's able to keep his image in university. His family is wealthy and personally knows Claire's.

Rael (Raphael)
An orphan and computer programmer who took in Karl, Leah, and Falk due to their abusive parents. He wasn't much older than them, only about 3 years, so he was only able to get them when they were late teens. Not much into abiding the laws-- the teens ran away from the orphanage.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Guess who got her copy of X-Note?

I totally had a time fangirling over Yuon.

If you don't know what X-Note is, I pity you, my dear. It's a visual novel + otome game with Essi, a girl with psychic powers, looking for her mother's identity. The creator is Zeiva inc., and they've created wonderful games, like their newest Train of Afterlife. I highly recommend getting it if you can, but let's just play the demo.

[ Deviantart ]

I'll be over there, fangirling over Yuon.

Friday, January 20, 2012