Saturday, July 16, 2011

Longing and childish hopes

My curiosity is unsatisfiable.
Of all things in the world, I want knowledge. I feel satisfied when I read, when I draw-- the latter because I feel like I have hidden little truths and because I feel like I gained insight.
But I have to ask, is it all in life?

What is the meaning of life?
That question is probably in the list of most-asked questions, but I truly mean it.
What is our purpose, why do we live?
Until the day I get the question answered by The Almighty, I shall say I live for knowledge.

But living with a fairly religious mother, it makes me wonder. Is wanting to know everything a sin?
It's just that... The Almighty is the One who knows all, and I feel like I just committed a crime for wanting to know something beyond normal humans' curiosity.
Maybe I am too young.

Let's talk about Hope.
Do you believe that life is worth it?
I do.
I feel that there's more, and like reading a fairly interesting book, there are some parts that interests me enough to urge me to read the rest.
Even if some parts are painful, embarrassing, downright shameful-- there's always the happy moments to lift me up to the skies.
I am a child at heart.

There are days where I wonder if everything is worth it, but I can answer them.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
I love life.
I have been joining a Movement in GaiaOnline called "The Daffodil Movement" that is held every year. It is a movement where we remind people of others who suffer from cancer.
I was the Captain of Childhood cancer for two years.
If children can find Hope as their hair slowly fall, why can't I?
My life is beautiful. I have big dreams and I'm lucky enough to have good grades to help me. My parents are the best I can ask for. I will learn to cherish them all, because there's nothing better.
Life is like absolute darkness. When you were born, there was a firefly. That is your mother. Then there was another. That is your father. They are the first things that pushes you to keep living.
They keep on appearing as you find important things in life-- people, places, hopes.
They lighten your life, reminds you of what you will leave if you end your life.
I want to live life to the fullest.

Then maybe, I can learn the meaning of life, and everything beyond.

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