Sunday, October 30, 2011

More ideas

I've been keeping a notebook of story ideas, even if it's unlike that I'll write it.
Right now I like several of them, although my old Camp NaNo and another new one stands out.
"Giving Life a Second Chance" has its plot slightly altered, nothing too noticeable, other than a clearer plot and change in characters. Keith becomes an Achromat later.
The other one, well, involves some of my oldest characters. Hikari! Except genderbent and not Japanese-name sounding.
A Wild Goose Chase
  Luther Timesworth was dead. Alton Nicholls was a family friend, Luther's arch nemesis and hired private detective. As reluctant as he was, he was intrigued.
With physical evidence that spoke nothing, theories going nowhere, Alton might have to rethink and maybe, things didn't go the way they thought it did.

A murder mystery, ha! I love those. A Wild Goose Chase and Giving Life a Second Chance has been going back and forth, but they have to wait some more because November's 2 days away.
Anybody else ready to explode?

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