Thursday, December 1, 2011

An extremist's thoughts

Being a contradictory human being I am, I've always found that while I hate seeing innocent people being hurt, I have a secretly burning hatred toward humanity. But don't worry, fourteen years and I've never made any sense, so it's safe to disregard me.

I find humans to be frustrating. Including me. Being around people is enjoyable and awful experience I can't even keep things straight. It's a mixture of "this feels nice" and "what is wrong with you people?" The latter part is screamed when I am around teenagers. Clearly I am a troubled child.

No, it's actually worse when I'm in my in-the-gutter mood. Not the perverted kind-- the depressing one. I was never suicidal. But I am very critical. Mix that with the current state of the world and voila.

We're destroying Earth. I hate humans for that. Sometimes I think that the only way to keep us down is to truly oppress us. Total dictatorship, whatever. No one cares about that part. Or maybe you know, cut the problem down its roots. I hope you know what I'm implying.

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