Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Proving I am very capable of arranging this thing called Priorities, I am making my first visual during exams-infested month: April!!
It's a good thing I didn't enter ScriptFrenzy.

Generally, it's a story about amnesia, depression, and starting anew. The story's narration is in first person, mainly consisting of scene jumps to reveal the plot. There are roughly 3 planes the character (Lucas) will appear on, talking with some unknown persons-- the past, present, and his mind. His past will be revealed, although how much depends on your choices. You have 2 general choices in 3 menus. There should be 6 endings: 2 "good", 2 "neutral", and 2 "bad."

Anyways, I've got the main kinks like main menu worked out, and so far it looks like this:

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