Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scientifically improbable? Who cares! It's dramatic!

Dear God. The main reason why I hate soap operas:
They're. Scientifically. Effing. Bull___t.
My example would be from this Indonesian soap, Anugerah. (means Gift from God, but that's just bull__t)
Let's call the biological mother of this Anugerah (who suddenly is named Lugi) N, and his adopted mother W.
Lugi gets Leukemia. N donates her marrow. She becomes crippled. (And W just stands there, crying. She's useless like that.)
You know what, N, please read My Sister's Keeper. Anna is a 13 years old who endured having her blood and marrow taken for her sister Kate. She's healthy and dandy and is still able to play hockey. You had your marrow taken once, which probably is not as painful as falling from a 1 story building and become crippled. Which bone did the doctors poke?!

"The surgery is done under general anesthesia, which means the donor will be asleep and pain-free during the procedure. The bone marrow is removed from the hip bones."
- Medline Plus 

" It involves the removal of only a small proportion of the body's marrow, and therefore has little if any effect on the donor."
So according to Medline Plus, the marrow was taken from the hip bones. If they said that they took it from the spine (which was unbelievably stupid) then the cripple part would make some sense. Until then, I refuse to shut up about the all too wrong facts. I won't even start on countless morally-wrong crap.
If they weren't trying to hard to prolong the darn soap they wouldn't fail so bad.

So, I have one last request.
Please, please, please don't underestimate people's intellect. Don't teach them wrong things.

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