Thursday, September 1, 2011

Call it Sadism, or Masochism--

-- or both, it's the same.

I'm talking about my like of reading sad story. Especially the Romance kind, where one is suffering abandonment complex or something similar. And it haunts him for life. And he is depressed.
It's just easier to feel something deeper reading sad stories. Maybe my heart wants to feel, or there's something addicting about the clenching of your heart, the agony.
Maybe I'm a masochist for liking it, or sadist for liking to see them suffer.

Most of my favorite characters are those being in a particularly bad positions. Canada, Prussia and Romano from Hetalia. It's never easy being cast aside. When you accept it- I think it's worse.

I sympathise a lot more than most people do, but I also dislike people more than others. Unlike other 13 years olds, I don't turn a blind eye to the cruel things people do. Abuse, animal or humans, abandonment, murders. Maybe because I actually bothered to know about them I'm like this. Out of place, never connecting with teenagers. Of course, having more interesting, brainistic things makes me turn a blind eye on socialising instead. What can an introvert do? You can't tell me to be extroverted.

Speaking of introversion and extroversion, please stop asking us introverts to be more talkative. We're born this way! It's like telling an ADHD to stop talking so much - useless, and pretty darn waste of time. Trust me, the way to gain our favor is to NOT ask us to talk. I'm saying this as a fairly extroverted introvert. I know this guy who talks so little everyone in the class claps when he talks. Apparently he talks like, once in a week? At least at class. talk like a magnet train when someone ask me about something I know. Especially science. If that isn't at least extroverted, I don't know what else is.

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