Sunday, August 28, 2011

Plot ideas and such

Despite my lack of experience in the world of writing, I truly love developing plots. (I also love writing short descriptions to interest someone. I have a flair for dramatic writing?)
These two are set in the same universe, with same characters, although they have little relation to each other.

Things Not Seen
The story starts when the protagonist, a 14 years old girl who goes by the name Aeval Nazumi, is transferred into a new private school. She is told that that is the will of her deceased mother. She rediscovers her unique ability-- to see aura with naked eyes.
Aeval then befriends Toshiro, a quiet and troubled boy. As she tries to pry him out, she meets Akihito and her old friend Sayumi.

Artemisia is the only heir of a well known family. She never had a problem with her clairvoyance, but sick of the fog of depression veiled over the other worldly beings, she begins to investigate the cause.

Toshiro disappears.
His mother died and he left behind a flashdisk.

Accompanied by anonymous messages, Aeval and Artemisia investigates the case, if only to satisfy their curiosity.
Artemisia could never have guessed that something so beautiful could destroy the Laws of Nature. 

Before I Sleep

It is not long after Leia disappeared. Things changed, perhaps for the better.
In the peace, someone wakes up to seek revenge.

A voodoo bomb ticks, 72 hours to destroy it, and it ticks for Artemisia. No one really knows who did it, but they're willing to look. Artemisia is finding herself running against time in the lane of memories, old allies in tow, to find the culprit.
With the help of Aeval, Toshiro, Akihito, Sayumi and the ghosts, hopefully they could destroy the bomb in time.
Or Artemisia will have to say her last goodbyes.

And despite her past wrongdoings, is murder really the answer?


Things Not Seen is the novel I plan to write for NaNoWriMo, even if I probably can't write. But who cares about that unimportant detail?
I am trying to write Before I Sleep as a practice, even if it is set after Things Not Seen. Who cares about orders anyways.
I created character sheets for the characters. I did use preexisting characters, since the plot developed from a badly thought out rip-off. Artemisia is the only character I specifically created for the story.

I also have another plots:

January Twenty-Third
If asked, Matilda would say she never expected a ghost to talk to her, much less asking her to help him move on. No; Matilda never expected that.

Say hello to Matilda Williams, a selective mute who cannot seem to talk to adults. A warm person who befriends anyone willing. A girl who loves her Polar bear Kimi.

The peace of her town is ruined when Gilbert Adler was murdered. No one goes outside without an adult, and Hild, Gilbert's younger brother, falls into depression. Matilda suddenly get the urges to feed birds. And so she does.

A voice is echoing over the small plain by the lake. No one else could hear it. Matilda could hear it clear as day.
"Please help me, I'm so confused, what happened?"

Now that she agrees to help Gilbert, she will have to deal with the fact that the ghost loves her for so long, and maybe along the way, she'll find that she, too, has fallen for him.


It's half-way romance. I just want to deal with something not action, but more like psychological stuff I love so much. Hopefully my failness won't affect the story too much.

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