Monday, September 5, 2011

Classical Pieces and Countries

Fact of the day: If you do something for 28 days straight, it will become a habit.
(Better idea than a yearly resolution - make it monthly, one resolution per month)

Today I will just ramble instead of thinking too hard for something that screams 'OPTIMISTIC~~'
About 2 days ago, I played this quiz where you have to name countries you know. There are... 196 countries, I think, and I only got like what? 80?

That's where my sister came in. She intended to borrow the laptop, only to play for at least 2 hours. We had a crazy time memorising and then my mother joined in.
It was really fun. Dumb, but fun. My sister kept on saying Tonga in a strange dialect and ruining my concentration. Of course, I had to be the one typing. 12 minutes did seem meagre when you're trying and failing to type Kazakhstan. I had a better chance typing Liechtenstein, and I'm the only one who knows how to pronounce and write it. Kind of sad, if you ask me. (PS. I use sad as a synonym to pathetic, where the sad is like shaking your head in disappointment)

I'm the one who named about 95% of the Europe countries. I only forgot a few Micronations and some less-known countries. Former Soviet Unions, Western Europe, Nordics, however, I could name it on the top of my head. (Nobody remembers Vatican City! They need to read Angels&Demons)
My sister, surprisingly, knew most of Asia. She failed bad at Oceania and Africa. There's another reason why I'm the one typing: She couldn't even pronounce Guinea, much less Guinea-Bissau and I doubt her ability to type it. I don't even want to talk about Cote D'Ivoire.
My mother memorised the African ones. None of us knew much about south part of North America, between Mexico and Panama. (The only reason why I remember Panama is because of Panama Canal)

The fun part of everything is that... Nobody was serious. My sister kept on trying to memorise Saint Kitts and Nevis by comparing it to Charles&Keith. We had a time face-palming and panicking, with my sister repeating the same country every 3 countries she said.
In the end? We got 141 countries. And of course, being the one who typed, I remembered the most.
We need to do it again sometime. Preferably when my father's around - we'd probably get even more, since he's a diplomat and means he must know other countries.
It was one of the rare family times we had.

On the Classical pieces part, I've been picking up my guitar again. I play classical guitar, and frankly I like it more than acoustics. They're just not my style. I cannot play Spanish songs to save my life, seriously. My teachers tried and failed. I learn Dust in the Wind and Tears in Heaven faster than a line of Spanish song. (Truth.)

So, after over a year, my guitar was obviously out of tune. Badly. Looked up a tuner and noticed just how off-key and deep sounding my e string is. There's one thing I'd like to say: Trust your guitar more than online tuners. Just use them when you really don't know what to do. Sometimes the speaker changes the quality of the sound.
Anyways, I was REALLY missing this lovely song. I lost the sheet, which was photocopied by my old, old teacher (taught me 2 years ago, for a year, before he moved back to America for University) and it was Russian and I couldn't even read the composer's name. It sucked so bad.

 But I think I've been blessed with something very useful for someone like me: ability to determine what I need to get something. I have this straight A friend (she doesn't bother to take her report card, it's all either 99/100 or 100/100) and our Social Studies lessons sometimes requires us to group up and make a poster. Give us the same book and the same amount of time and I'll have the most informations in number and importance. That's in a book. When I have the internet, I'm sure I just created the most detailed general essay about Japan (and its relations with Indonesia) my teacher ever seen coming out of a 9th grader. BUT I think that part has something to do with my father, who said to me something like this a long time ago.
'Write your essays the best you can, even if you're just in school and nobody takes you seriously.'
I took that advice to heart. My father's pretty much the person I respect the most, seriously.

Umm, back to topic, I put that researching skill to use. I searched for Pomahc (all that showed up was Yuri something). Took me a while, but I got the sheet on PDF. Usually I don't trust PDFs that pops up in strange languages, but I just clicked. Looked at its pattern and I literally shouted, 'HELL YES.'
Did I mention my uncle and aunts and grandmother was there, on the living room?
They waved it off. I suppose their live had been crazier.
Anyway, that was the one time I feel grateful for Korean dramas. Apparently they played Pomahc as a background music in some parts and my mother and grandmother recognised it. They told me and I went back to searching, after giving up months ago. Also, the reason why it took me so long because the site was in Russian. Go figure.

Mkay, I think I typed long enough. Gonna shut up now.

The sheetYouTube Video

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