Monday, September 5, 2011

Physics and how I dumbfound my family

Fact of the night day: Above title is truth. While tea is healthier when you want a drink you can consume many times daily, coffee actually helps protecting the eyes.

Okay, so after taking a 3 hours nap I did not want, I'm wide awake at 11 pm and ready to bash my head. But instead of doing that, I decided I want food and rummaged through the bookshelves.
Guess what I found?
My 260-pieces puzzle! I actually finished it a few times years ago, but I took it out anyway.

I found books I've been looking for a year. There's my 5th grade Social Studies book and the first part of Let's Play Guitar. I've been looking for the latter for its Greensleeves score, and first thought it was left in Jordan. Looks like I was wrong.
On a completely unrelated note, there's a picture of Benito Mussolini where he looks like a choked goldfish. No offence, Mussolini!
And that is why my curiosity is good.

Also, I played some songs from the book. Silent Night, and such. My sister went by and pointed at our Christian neighbour's house and said, 'I think you should live over there.'
It's funny to see my family looking uncomfortable when I mention or do something "Christiany"! Funnier when your father is a diplomat who knew his fair share of non-Muslims. So far I think I'm the only one who doesn't get worked over the whole different religions thing, considering all my internet friends are non-Muslims. I don't see any problems with listening to Christian hymns like Abide With Me, and frankly, I think choirs at churches or cathedrals are very good! I've always liked the atmospheres of Cathedrals. It's just my family treats it like a big deal.

Back to the title, I also saw my old Astronomy books and saw just how far I went. Astronomy? Give me time travel theories! Yeah, that's how far. And also I've been reading some quantum physics, and I'm happy knowing my many-worlds fantasy is supported by science. Good job, Schrödinger, you made a girl very happy.
So I proceeded to see just how much my mother knows (lol) and asked her if she thought time travel was possible or not. She said no. Well, she was a Biology major.
As a routine, I fired off more impossible questions. It must be hard to have a child like me. In my defence, I did not ask her what God eat like when I was 3. Still, I think she's happier when I ask her about The Beatles instead of why certain complex theories are not/possible.

Only a few people could keep up with me. I show wide range of interests, sometimes even things nobody in my big family ever heard of. Carl Jung? Who's that?
I guess that's why I'm liking blogs more and more. I get to talk and nobody had to look bored out of their mind. Hey, I'm not that selfish. I get uncomfortable when I make others bored, so I just talk about subjects they like, or ask for a subject. Hopefully they ask about something I know.

Umm, kay, that's a long post for the second time today. Night.

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