Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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[Quote] of the day: “You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
-Winston Churchill

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I love several people's (author?) quotes. They're simply brilliant. Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, combining humour with sharp wit. If that isn't the formula for a memorable quote then I don't know what is.

Speaking of quotes, the one I had up there is actually related to my post. No, I'm not inserting random humorous quote I happen to come across like usual. Not this time. (Sadly, the title is irrelevant.)

Do you know how little people stand up for their beliefs? I'm not saying when you believe that a religion is wrong, you should protest it. Beliefs like that is out of question. I'd kindly ask you to respect all religions.
I mean, beliefs like... When someone is bullying an outcast. Do you feel that's wrong? I do. I show them I think that's wrong. I made enemies, but darn, like I care about that.

Bullying is wrong. I stop it because while it does seem normal, it's not. Do you know the psychological effects? Self-esteem issues, or its worse brother: depression. People have feelings. Feelings drive people, they're the natural stimulants. But when the feelings become scarily negative, it will be like depressants.
They don't feel like things they do will affect anything. Most people are floating on the sea. These people are drowning.

Would you leave someone to die? Of course, most you know things won't go that far, but what do you know? Humans are like icebergs, there's far more under the surface. And you're most likely to have seen the protruding ice only from one side. You never really know the person. You're likely to never have tried.

Helping a drowning someone is not easy. Especially when you approach it with logic. You probably have refused to look at it emotionally, because it hurts, and you're barely scratching the surface. It is frustrating to help someone so pessimistic, yes, but it's necessary. Some days you just want to forget all about it, just leave, but I beg you, don't. They can't help it, they have been told negative things so many times it becomes one with them. Patience is a virtue, probably one that can save someone. Take a deep breath and listen to them.

Righting something wrong is not a crime. Helping someone is not a crime. Stopping a crime is, in fact, not a crime. Show me a constitution or laws that says that yes, feel free to harass. The same law will allow rape and not call it rape. It'll be probably called... anything it was called, I hope it won't be 'Randomly initiated sex.'
To not be traumatised for life is a human right. It's just not as blatant as Freedom of Speech or Religion. It's somewhere, disguising. And yes, bullying is considered harassment. I hope you know that already.

We're all created equal. Modern -surviving- religions say so. Even the Darwin theory. I mean, I don't think there's an extinct species of special monkeys, who were gifted by Nature, and was a line of kings like ancient Egypt. If there was, life would be cooler. Back to topic, we're all allowed to be happy. Just be happy and not deprive others at the same time. If you have done that, pat yourself in the back.

Be social, but stand for things you stood for. Just because you stand for them you will have no friends. Yeah, I never mentioned I have true friends, but I do have friends. I just don't feel as inclined to have chatting buddies, texting buddies, BFFs as others. I have friends and close friends. There's no difference between those two, except the latter probably know more about me, and we have plenty in common. Getting back to topic, once you stand up and say something, you probably will have more friends.

That sounds doubtful coming from me, I know. I don't look like the social type (I talk a lot, though.). But seriously, once you stand up, others see you as brave. I mean the Damn you you're doing something morally wrong so I'm going to object sort of thing. Be prepared, though, you might have a flock of people coming to you for help. As long as you're willing to help others you'll do fine. It can be overwhelming at first, but your heart is big enough to go through it all.

God bless you :) (Apologies if offence is taken)

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