Sunday, September 11, 2011

In one ear out the other

[Quote] of the day: "We are at a very serious moment dealing with very serious issues and we are not focusing on the name you give to potatoes."
-Nathalie Loisau

Okay, after seeing my News Feed filled with useless status about teenage girls and their jealousy issues, I'm starting to feel the need to say something.
'Ello guys. Might get disregarded because I never felt it, but I don't think the purpose of Love is to make you FALL hard and stay there till someone pick you up. I mean, it sounds... off. I personally think you guys should be sharing a mutual bond of trust, where there's no jealousy and such, and you LOOK OUT for each other. And I think it applies to all kind of love.

Sure, it might be hard. But it's not only trust that's lacking nowadays. People start to think that love means they should devote themselves. Yes, devotion is important, but so is letting your partner grow. You love your newly caught pet bird but taking away his freedom isn't something that sounds like love. Love should be willing. Other ways can be called Stockholm Syndrome.

The funny thing is, since they willingly commit, they STILL complain when they're not treated right. Do you think colonies nicely ask for fair treatment? I think the only one who did that and got away with it was Canada, seriously. They fight for their rights. If you're not willing to fight, then don't complain.

Yeah, I don't view highly of teenagers who claim to be able to love. Mhm, tell me that after you break up. I'm sure the stream of curses is not something a loving person would say. I don't claim to have a big heart but at least I'm nice to animals. Actually I think I'm nice to animals because people tend to piss me off. Animals are easy to sympathise with. Of course, that being said, I actually sympathise with people who did not do anything and yet received the raw end of the deal.

Speaking of such, you know how I'm nearly obsessed with knowing? I want to volunteer to teach the homeless. I've always liked to talk, especially about something I know. Maybe I can be more patient that way.

Mkay, that's all. See you sometime.

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