Friday, September 9, 2011

Ideas and not enough inspirations

[Quote] of the day: 
"I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I've written for myself, and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part." - Shirley MacLaine

Things just suck when you have background stories, a clear idea of the world, characters, and yet there's no plot. Nothing drives you to continue, you just... develop characters. And then all of that has to be thrown away because it doesn't fit with the future plot.
But I like the characters. I get attached. That's probably one of my weak points.

Since I'm out of whack lately (lack of sleep) I'll just talk about the characters.
The main character is Moira, although Noa, Juno and Aprilia play important roles.
Noa is a Summoner who guides Moira, although she plays like a secretly smart Joker. She doesn't look serious for someone from an infamous family, but she sure does know what she's saying. Moira just needs to look past that exterior.
Juno a Tarot User who holds the Major Arcana Death, Fool and Magician. He's quite strange because Fool contradicts the other two. Death card is unusable- the card just uses its holder's energy for unknown things. It does make him look sickly.
Aprilia is Juno's older sister, and the Oracle of Ceressus. She sort of defies others' expectations by being slightly aggressive when defending her clueless brother. She gets mugged by the future sometimes, and does know certain secrets. Aprilia is not happy with Moira's dislike of Juno.
Moira herself... a stranded girl who is chosen by High Priestess and Lovers to be their holder. Unlike Juno, all her cards are usable in battle. A bit of logic-defier, mainly okay with most people. Juno doesn't seem to be on that list, however. Sometimes she picks on him.

The whole Tarot thing- there is no limit of Tarot Holder. They are not particularly special. However, only one person holds a particular card. There's no such thing as two High Priestess or Four of Cups. The holders are either chosen by stronger deck (Major Arcana) or fought over (All decks). Most Major Arcana holders are chosen by their cards.
Summoners do what their name says- summon. Mainly large flying reptiles, Pegasi or Alicorns. Some particularly morbid or strong ones prefer to summon shadows. There's only a few - about five - families who are summoners. They're all families with money, seeing as learning the grimoire is hard.
Priests or Oracles are people chosen to receive messages from the Major Arcana in their region/kingdom. Most get messages from Empress or High Priestess, although the other occasionally pitch in.
People who wanders and fight and such are not labelled. Most people are like that.

I have designs for all four. The colours are to be determined, but so far I know their appearance.
M'kay, I'm not feeling like writing. See ya.

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