Thursday, September 22, 2011

Only fair--

[Song] of the day: Adiemus - Adiemus

Today I'm not exactly in the best of moods. Being happy is taking its toll, I need to get my hair down sometime. Hopefully tomorrow I can literally let my hair down and shampoo it, kesese. Something about shampooing calms me down. I love taking a shower when it rains.
Umm, back to the non-existent topic, I don't know what I was going to talk about.
I just need to write.

Ah. I'll be talking about things I can remember on the top of my mind.
I drew little Aeval, Toshiro, Sayumi and Akihito with Saihate as a tying theme. I tried to remember versions of Saihate and see one that fits the characters. In the end, I chose Ballad version for Toshiro, Piano version for Sayumi, Heavenly mix for Aeval and the original for Akihito. I'm quite satisfied with that.
Saihate is such a soothing song, when it's the ballad version.

I'm listening to Soraru's Be Here right now. It's really, really beautiful. I love his voice, too. Something about it is really nice, even with his limited voice range. His voice is totally lovely. I actually want to cry at the song, haha. Can't do that, though. I'll be going to the cram school in 15 minutes. I'm taking my sweet time and write. They're not really strict about attendance. I love learning, though, but no one's going to take my seat. It's literally right in front of the teacher. The position makes it an ideal place to ask questions privately.

Back to Soraru. I love many Nico Nico Singers' voices. They all have unique qualities to their voices, they're all very lovely. Plenty of them have amazingly wide range, like Senka, Sekihan and Piko. Then there's those sweet voices. My favourites of those are ShonenT, Wotamin, and several others I can't remember right now. And one of my all-time favourites of categories: Deep/rough female voice.
God, I don't think I can go much more fanatic about those. Valshe, Yamai, 96Neko. Daarn, those voices!
Soraru falls into the Awesome category. I really love his voice for some reason. Something hard to describe. Roughly smooth, perhaps? Clear is nice, too. His Little Traveller really wins it for me.

My mother's calling me to get up and go already. Five more minutes... Well, at least till I see how much I've written. If it's really low, I gotta write more on the cram school. The prospect of listening to Soraru sounds more tempting, but I know I gotta go.
See ya later.

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