Sunday, October 16, 2011

Studying Methods

Looking at my grades hurts.
No, I don't think I flunked out; my grades' about 7 out of 10, which should be somewhere around -B.
Oh yeah, I never told you that you'd fail the grade if you get lower than 7.
Be happy you're not Asians, non-Asians, because our school standard is high.

Well, I'm here to talk about studying methods.
So far, I'm very lazy at studying because I can't find one I like. Reading has been my favourite, but some books look too boring AND has bad spelling, and my inner grammarian screams in agony and tries to claw her way out.
I'm actually serious about that. I get headaches when I see misspellings on printed book.
Umm, anyway, I find it easier to study by writing.
I'm a Visual/Kinaesthetic learner.

My problem is this: I would waste a lot of papers if I were to write everything down. Let's not count the possibility of cramp here, just the papers. Beautiful white papers. Not to mention all the doodles I'd have over it.

The other thing, most of the lessons doesn't really interest me. I know what I'll learn in Biology since 7th grade. I know more about 2nd Semester Physics than I need, which is about Greenhouse effects and others. Short in short, I can grasp some ideas of the lessons, but I can't really feel the drive, the "I must know everything" drive. I don't have Asperger's syndrome. I just find several things not challenging me enough.

And there's my language. I tend to talk with lots of gestures, sometimes even flailing my arms for a good measure. I just don't do that around my family. With them, I tend to revert to English to get my point across. My Indonesian is mediocre at best, I might be unable to get my point across with it. My spelling, and overall knowledge of punctuation is very good, but my Indonesian is limited. If only I could write my test in English, I would have done better.

My family doesn't know that, I reckon. I don't know how much my family knows about these posts, but I don't think they know. I hid many things from them, mainly of what I think. One day I'd like to say, 'Actually, I've been doing that for a long time, you just never noticed,' but for now I'll keep a low profile.

It's not that I don't have a backbone; it sounds like I'm disregarding my parents' advice by waving it off and saying I did that. I know I have to start things myself, I just hate having people staring at me when I do something. The pressure actually disables me from doing my best.

Anyway, I've tried several things like using pointers. The thing is, it doesn't help me when we have to write word-for-word-copy essay answers. It's pretty much a known fact that I'm bad at memorising things I don't really care about. I understand the point, I don't remember how it was worded.
Damn, this sucks.

So, what's your studying methods? Do you just do your homework or have some other unique ways?
Do share; I need to know!

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