Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day ?$!" oh right, 26.

Recovering from typhoid fever and discovering that hey, my story has some more things to write even if what I'm writing right now is filler of two girls making salad! I'm in a good mood.
Favourite part of the casual, Artemisia-is-being-social salad cooking moment is:

   'I don't get it.'
   'Which part?' he says, 'the he's your boyfriend part or why he's your boyfriend part?'
   'The why one.' Akihito shrugs.
   'Dunno. You talk to someone other than your sex, you're dating.'
   'Then are you and Sayumi married? For how long?'
Artemisia feels a slight guilt tugging her heart as Sayumi nearly chokes on her tuna, smacks Akihito's back and runs to get a glass of water. She pats the girl's back, who resolves on sitting next to her to continue eating. Akihito's grin splits wide open.
   'Now you guys are lesbians!'

Current Word count: 45,633 and counting

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