Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's over. I won.

For the first time in my life, I finished a novel, complete in 50,122 words with characters and settings and everything. And I loved them so much I would just try to create a sequel. But I know that's impossible. The story is not made to have a sequel-- everything that defines Artemisia as special has moved on. Aeval knows what powers she holds. Leia is gone.
And unless I try my hand on the story with someone voodooing Artemisia, I doubt I'll write a direct sequel to my little love right here.

I gave Artemisia a halfway happy ending. I felt that she has grown more as a character-- Aeval is such a roller coaster of happy and sudden bursts of anger I'm not sure how much she had changed. The only apparent changes from her is that she controlled her powers and she accepts that fights are normal. That's all. I need to polish her character development. But not now. I want to talk about Artemisia.

My baby of this whole book is Artemisia. In the beginning she's mainly manipulative, succeeding nicely in being an ass. Nearing the end she's turned into someone who can actually socialise and shows her real individual. She has a long way to go to, but I have faith that she will get there.

She gets plenty of emotional moments. Two nearly left me in tears: the time Alton says goodbye, and the time Hikari says goodbye. Alton, Rene, and Mr. Rowell has been a huge part of her life, and when they disappeared, she couldn't even say goodbye, much less hug them for one last time. They simply disappear. She hugged Hikari, whose first time showing up to her is the last ghost she will ever see.

It's awful. But it was wonderful. I loved it. I will edit the novel, and after that edit it again, and again, and keep it as a lovely memory for the rest of my life. Needless to say, Artemisia will be quite eternal inside my head.

S-t out, trying not to cry because this is all over.

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