Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Past or Present? I looked through my old writings and find that there are quite a number of Past tense ones, but the Present dominates them. Not by much, more like 55% and 45%. My opinion, they're both equally nice. But then again, when I read, all tenses fly out of the window.

I find that I can write just fine in both present and past tense. Sure, there are things that sounds fine in past but not present, but the same thing works other way. Look, I just wrote in present. I'm writing my NaNovel in present, and a Beta reader pointed it out to me. So I'm here.

Yeah. To me tenses are matter of the writer's style. And I happen to like writing in present. So unless the tense really bothers people, and they keep getting jarred off it, I probably won't change. It's not like I'll publish the stuff.

I took a look through my folders, and I found a pretty recent oneshot, in September. It was more of those reflective ones, with Luisa having a chat with Arve about life. Apparently I stopped at "he stopped."
Coincidences are strange.

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