Saturday, November 12, 2011

A million thoughts, and one

There is one thing I want to be. I don't know why. I want to change the world.
But what am I? One girl asking impossible questions, grasping for the explanation why the stars shine bright. I know why. It is so hot it emits heat, spinning at the speed of, who knows, light.
It reminds me of Sherina.
Mengapa bintang bersinar,
Mengapa air mengalir,
Mengapa dunia berputar,
Lihat segalanya lebih dekat dan kau
Akan mengerti.
Why do stars shine,
Why do water flow,
Why does the Earth spin,
Look at everything more closely and you
Will understand.

Nostalgias aside, I don't know whether I shall pursue my burning curiosity about the universe, or the more social parts and become someone with a standing, title to change things. I am told I have potential, but anyone who does anything other than what others do are told that.
I am told that I have a talent in writing. Surprising, considering that I was afraid of writing years ago. However, I don't believe people telling me my talent is drawing. I learn all of that, it's not a part of me since the beginning. It grows.
Writing is something new to me. I have curiosity, want to learn everything, including this handy little skill that grows big. That is why I try to write. Words flow easier than drawing does, but I shall judge after everything is done. We'll see.

Day 12

I need to get writing.

Word Count: 23.074

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