Sunday, September 25, 2011

faith and MMORPG

[Song] of the day: Karakuri Pierrot -piano ver.- Cover by Miku-tan

I tried to be more religious today. A baby step, but a step nonetheless. I read the Qur'an, if only 15 ayat. My Arabic is snappy, which is sad considering how well I used to read.

I admire Islam. Sure, it is biased; I'm Muslim. But there's something more to it. I am not a particularly religious person. I don't like blind belief. But the Qur'an piqued my interest.
How many books survived 1400 years with little to no change to its original content?
Surely not much. And surprisingly, the Qur'an is the same no matter which Arabic you're reading.

I'm happy to know that Michael Hart put Muhammad SAW (Writing Mohammed feels so very awkward.) on the top of the list. I believe that Muhammad was, in fact, very influential because of how he practically united Arab under one religion. It's a pretty amazing feat, since Arabs are pretty stubborn back then, haha.

I miss MMOs. Those crazy times are definitely one of the best. Running around with monsters in tow, working together to get to the Boss. Okay, now I feel like playing zOMG!
I love the game, and used to play it for copious amount of time. Now I'm playing it only once in a while. They're releasing a new area! Currently I am looking around the Bucaneer Broadwalk. A nicely designed place, with good opponents. At least they don't kill me at first sight. Not to mention farming without changing CL is a nice bonus. No new quests, though, so it's a bit dull. But not too much.

No mean to brag, but when I latch unto something, I hold on tight. I'm quite loyal in a sense of word, and will only get off when the thing/friend do something I deem unacceptable. Because of that, it's not easy to shake me off.

I'm rather bored. See you later.

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