Friday, October 7, 2011


About che:櫻井

Not much is known about Che:Sakurai, other than her superb singing and deep voice. She is one of the girls who sings with deep voice, although unlike Valshe, her voice is calmer. I'd say it's like deeper stage of Yamai's voice. In fact, in some songs, she sounds like a man.
Her blog reveals nothing about her age or other informations, but who needs that when we have pictures? Unlike some (most) NN singers, Che:Sakurai posts plenty of her pictures. (I must say, she has a great taste in fashion.)
Seen from her Mylist, it seems like she and HYBRID SENSE is in a group called L.I.N.E (Lead In New Emotion). They have launched one album. 

Notable Songs:

No Logic | Youtube | NicoDouga |

Meltdown | Youtube | NicoDouga |

Just be Friends ~piano ver.~ | Youtube | NicoDouga |

Jutenija | Youtube | NicoDouga |

Magnet ~duet with ひと里 (Hitori)~ | Youtube | NicoDouga |

Lead is new emotion ~L.I.N.E~ | NicoDouga |

External links:

Blog | Twitter | Mylist

Dawn of new emotion

Price: 1500 yen
Album Info: NNS CD Database
Order here: link

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